Dhiya Hani

Data-driven copy for growth-oriented businesses

When it comes to growing your business, are you sure you want to leave it up to chance?

Why oh why would you leave your growth-inducing copy to guesswork, when you have the chance to unbox how it works and get more data for your future campaigns?

Meet the digital conversion engineer that’s going to get you more subscribers, more users, and, most importantly, more money.

Results, data, and strategy.

That’s what you’d get when we work together on your next campaign.

And my sparkling personality, of course, but I’m sure you didn’t come this far just for that.

Need to spruce up your email copy to turn common subscribers into rabid fans?

Want a landing page that your readers keep coming back to because it’s just… So. Damn. Relevant?

How about a web copy that pulls in your prospects like a tornado and turns your competitors green with envy?

Aight, enough chit-chat.

Let’s get you that increase in leads, sales, and rabid fans you’re dreaming about.

Shoot me an email and let me know what you need. We’ll do a watch party when your copy launches and your conversion rate continues to climb up and up and up.


Q Can you start on [insert_project] right away?

Absolutely! Send me the timeline, scope, and estimated ballpark of your project, and I'll see what I can do. I'll get back to you and arrange a meeting so you can tell me all about the project, your business, your goals, and your KPI for this project.
If we're a good match, outstanding! I'm putting you on my calendar and we can begin as soon as the contract is signed.
If not? I'll introduce you to another copywriter that I know would do a mind-blowing job on your copy.

Q Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Unfortunately, I do not.
If I don't beat your control, we can do another round of copywriting until I win.
(I'm a sore loser, soooo...)
Of course, there are requirements for this:
- You need to have a control to test against
- I have full control of the copywriting process AND the implementation

Q I need copy yesterday! Can you pump out some [insert_project] for me?

Whoa, whoa! Slow down there.
That depends. Do you have the research materials? How about 15 to 30 minutes to walk me through your business? $500?
If you just answered yes to all of that, go contact me and say these magic words, "I want to borrow you for a day, plz."
We'll set up a time and I'll be your exclusive copy-woman for 7 consecutive hours.
Psst... This also works if you have some copy you want yours truly to audit and optimize!