As a conversion copywriter, I help course creators, and e-commerce businesses increase their conversions through radiantly compelling, data-driven copy. My specialty? Making the copy aspirational, empowering, fun, and uplifting. 

I specialize in emails, quizzes, and Facebook ads.

I’ve written copy for high-five and six figure launches, far surpassing those businesses’ previous launch records.

My emails have proven to bring in untapped revenue:
An email sequence I wrote for the launch of a $7.5K program helped to double the expected number of signups. Even in 2020.  These emails got cold traffic investing in a high-ticket offer. 

As your copywriter, I’m readily available to touch base and answer any questions you  have throughout the process. I implement changes with speed and attention. I’m passionate about getting to know your customer and hitting (then surpassing) your goals. I’m here to support your business growth. 

I have expertise in Screenwriting, so you can be sure that:
– The storytelling is on point
– Your voice is kept intact
– I focus on writing to your audience

My Background:
I recently completed a M.F.A. in Screenwriting at UCLA and hold a B.A. from Harvard in Visual Studies.

I’ve been published in Mind Body Green, The Local Rose, The Huffington Post, MUBI, and Theatre for a New Audience.

The Fun Stuff: 

I’ve moved across the U.S. three times in the past five years.
My forever favorite tea is earl grey, but I think I’m a chamomile by nature.
French New Wave films will always have my number, 
And YA Fantasy novels will always have my heart. 


Q What opportunities do you often see businesses missing in their copy?

I always come back to formatting and storytelling. This is particularly true with email. There are great opportunities to make your emails clear, easily digestible (and dare I say "addictive") through the power of formatting.

Taking ample opportunities to tell stories in your emails that are relevant and specific to your audience helps them feel seen and goes a long way in terms of creating loyalty.

A final essential is the nurture sequence. I love walking through the customer experience of signing up for your email list and looking for gems of opportunity in terms of how you're letting your customer into your world.

Q Is it necessary to do a lot of research for my project?

Research is the cornerstone of strong conversion copy. The more data we can mine about your customer...their dreams, hopes, desires, and objections...the more your copy can really speak to them and make the conversion a no-brainer.

When we begin working together, we'll do a thorough intake to get to know how you communicate. We'll discover what messaging points will be most effective to your customer as well.

Review mining is one of my preferred methods of research. The insights that can be gleaned are hugely valuable in terms of nailing our messaging and encouraging the conversion.

Q I have a small email list...will conversion copy work for me?

Absolutely! In fact, more important than your list size is how well-targeted your list is.

Q How soon can we work together?

This depends on the nature of your project.

If you are looking for assistance with a launch that needs to happen ASAP, I offer a day rate. Inquire to get your copy, pronto!