Mariann Roberts

Human2Human Copy for Exceptional Brands

Human2Human copy for exceptional brands


Let your copy (read: your 24×7 devoted digital salesperson) delight and create an experience for your customers. 


Banish mundane and predictable and prospects will remember you for it. They’ll gladly hit the buy button… and flock to a Reddit thread to rave about how your amazing product changed their lives in ways they could never imagine. 


Let your digital salesperson take your prospects by the hand and guide them to the point of no return where they can’t help but say an enthusiastic hell YEAH to your offer — leaving you in awe every time you hit refresh on your conversion rate stats.


I’m done with *just* copy. I need a digital salesperson. Let’s talk.


Q I need a sales page for a launch in two weeks. Are you available right now? What is your turnaround time?

It’s best to allow 4-6 weeks to complete and implement your project. I recommend getting in touch with me as soon as possible, but at least 8 weeks before your launch date.

Q I’m short on time. I need a review of my current sales page/landing page. It’s doing okay, but I feel it could do so much better.

If you're looking to optimize a current sales page or landing page that's receiving traffic and already converting, it’s best to hire my brain for a VIP (Very Important Project) day — cut the wait and jump the queue — you'll walk away with practical and actionable next steps you can implement right away.

We will cover buyer psychology and awareness, message matching, your headline, and sub-heads, as well as the flow of the page and your calls to action. We’ll also touch upon user experience and how to maximize design to support your copy.

Q Are you available to hire hourly?

All prices are project-based and guaranteed to provide fantastic value your business’ KPIs will thank you for.

Q How do I get more prospects to say an enthusiastic YES? What’s your process?

Submit a short inquiry form I gladly send over once you get in touch — get a response within 24 hours.

If we're a good fit, we’ll talk about your project in more detail during a 15-min call, and see where you want to be when it’s complete.

(If we're not a good fit, I’ll gladly connect you with another copywriter from my extensive network who can help you with exactly what you need).

Sign NDA, if required.

Send me a sample or access to your product/service/solution along with current content and brand guide (if you have any).

Get your bird's-eye view roadmap and a high-level prototype of your very own digital salesperson (aka copy). We'll go through and fine-tune it together.

Once you're happy with the details, we set important dates, agree on the project cost. Sign off contract.

Work starts remotely.

Pre-agreed weekly or bi-weekly progress calls will keep you on track and in the know. Zoom, Slack, Asana, Notion, Trello... whatever inspires you and keeps you excited about the outcome.