Myra Ahmed (Conversion Copywriter for B2B SaaS) Claimed

Convert B2B SaaS customers with clear, powerful copy

โ€œTo any soul trying to take their company further: with Myra’s skills & knowledge, you’ll go to Mars with your business. No doubt about that.โ€

โ€“ David Parker (Founder)

Hi there! Good to see ya, amigo. ๐Ÿ‘‹
I help B2B & SaaS companies use powerful messaging to persuade their readers.

Quick question — do you ever feel frustrated because:

โœ… Your software is genuinely useful and your dev team worked HARD
โœ… You’ve tried marketing tactics recommended on social media, blogs and by ‘experts’
โœ… You constantly get positive reviews from your adoring customers

โŒ And yet nowhere NEAR enough people are signing-up…?

Then something’s missing. Let’s optimize and test.

That’s right, I don’t just sip coffee and give you generic copy, written straight from my bedroom. Nope.
I deeply research your client’s mindset. I use psychological tactics to persuade them.

And I assess the final copy with A/B tests. So we can say ‘ahhh‘ after finding the messages that actually persuade your leads.

You could finally increase your revenue – with conversion copy.


It’s been an incredible experience working with Myra! Rather than just following instructions blindly, she always gave input and advice.

Myra is professional and friendly. Will be working with her again!”

โ€“ Daniela Vogl (CMO and Co-Founder)

Powerful copy โ‰  words that sounds the ‘nicest’. Forget generic copy that sounds identical to your competitors. Outsmart your rivals – with sharp, persuasive copy.

โžก But here’s the million dollar question:
Can I deliver stone-cold, HARD data to back up my claims?

Well, I recently optimized the funnel copy for a subscription brand. Here are some of the results:

โœ… My lead nurturing email increased the click-through rate by 142%

โœ… Website transactions shot up by 242%

โœ… And the ๐Ÿ‘‘ achievement: their revenue increased by a whopping 374%

Meaning: the $$$ they paid to hire me — they made back. 23x over. In just 90 days.

Yes – my customer-focused, high-effort, pain-staking process really can deliver effective work.

I’m also a thought-leader in the marketing industry.
My opinion pieces have been published in MarketingProfs (one of the top B2B marketing publications). As well as publications like Startup Nation, Insights for Professionals and Copyhackers.


Here’s how I can help you improve conversions:

โญ๏ธ Copywriting projects – ONLY for B2B & SaaS

โญ๏ธ Reviews of your website, emails & landing pages – find out how you can improve conversions

Feeling curious? Wondering “hmm, could she maybe help us out…?” ๐Ÿค”

Then let’s chat!

You can fill in my super short contact form, located at the top-right of this page. โคด
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I’ll get back to you in 1 or 2 business days. Speak soon! ๐Ÿ™‚


Q What's the quickest service you can offer?

I can do reviews of your website, emails & landing pages.
It's like a conversion audit -- I'm looking for where you're losing conversions. And I'll explain how you can make tweaks that could help improve your conversion rate.

My turnaround is within 6 business days. Yes, super quick & convenient!

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