β€œTo any soul trying to take their company further: with Myra’s skills & knowledge, you’ll go to Pluto with your business. No doubt about that.”

– David Parker (CEO of PitchPlaylist)

Hi there! πŸ‘‹ I help B2B & SaaS companies use powerful messaging to persuade their readers.

Do you ever feel frustrated because:

βœ… Your software is genuinely useful
βœ… You’ve tried SO many marketing tactics (recommended by blog articles)
βœ… You constantly get positive reviews

❌ And yet nowhere NEAR enough people are signing-up?

Then something’s missing. Let’s optimize and test.

That’s right, I don’t just sip coffee and give you generic copy, written straight from my bedroom. Nope.
I deeply research your client’s mindset. I use psychological tactics to persuade them.

And I assess the final copy with A/B tests. So we can say ‘ahhh‘ after finding the messages that ACTUALLY persuade your leads.

You could finally increase your revenue – with conversion copy.


πŸ’¬ “It’s been an incredible experience working with Myra! She always gave input & advice to take things in a direction that could possibly perform better.”

– Daniela Vogl (Founder of Antioxi)

Powerful copy β‰  words that sounds the ‘nicest’. Forget generic copy that sounds identical to your competitors. Outsmart your rivals – with sharp, persuasive copy.

➑ But here’s the million dollar question:
Can I deliver stone-cold, HARD data to back up my claims?

Well, I recently optimized the funnel copy for a health brand. Here are some of the results:

βœ… My lead nurturing email increased the click-through rate by 142%

βœ… Website transactions shot up by 242%

βœ… And the πŸ‘‘ achievement: their revenue increased by a WHOPPING 374%

Meaning: the $$$ they paid to hire me — they made back. 23x over. In just 90 days.

Yes – my customer-focused, high-effort, pain-staking process really does deliver thorough work.

I’m also a thought-leader in the marketing industry.
My opinion pieces have been published in MarketingProfs (one of the top B2B marketing publications). As well as Insights for Professionals.


How I can help you improve conversions:

⭐️ Copywriting projects – ONLY for B2B & SaaS

⭐️ Reviews of your website, emails & landing pages – find out where you’re LOSING conversions

Feeling curious? Then let’s chat.

Visit so you can explain what you’re looking for. πŸ™‚


Q What's the quickest service you can offer?

I can do reviews of your website, emails & landing pages.
It's like a conversion audit -- I'm looking for where you're losing conversions. And I'll explain how you can make tweaks that could help improve your conversion rate.

My turnaround is within 6 business days. Yes, super quick & convenient!

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