Raise your hand if you…

…know what makes your brand unique but struggle to put it into words

…aren’t quite sure what differentiates your brand from the competition

…know how to write good copy but don’t have the time (or the energy) to spend on it

…are worried about wasting your hard-earned dollars on copy that earns you…chump change

😑 😑 😑 😑 😑

I hear ya (loud and clear). Writing copy for your own brand is HARD (thank you, Curse of Knowledge).

And hiring a copywriter? A shot in the dark. How do you know if they’ll finish your project on time…or give you a return on investment (the ONLY thing that matters at the end of the day)?

Here’s the bad news: There are no guarantees (with ANY copywriter you choose to work with).

Want the good news? You can work with me and I’ll get you the next best thing: Sticky copy based on…

✔️Data and voice-of-customer research 
✔️Tried-and-true formulas 

In other words, copy that’s highly likely to convert–and get you more leads, more clicks, and more sales (woot woot!).

So if you need memorable copy that…

✅ dazzles💥 your prospects (so they remember your brand long after they’ve visited your website or read your email)

✅ makes your readers rack their brains, wondering how in the world (??!!) you know them so well

✅ SELLS (and makes the most out of your ad spend) 🎉💰

…then let’s talk!


Q Do you offer some sort of guarantee?

You betcha! if my copy doesn't perform better than the previous copy, I will work with you (free of charge) until it does. So've got nothing to lose (and only sales to gain).