Roman Alvarado – Direct Response Copywriter

Helping My Clients Increase Leads, Conversions, and Sales

Direct Response Copywriter for Alternative Health Companies… Helping My Clients Increase Leads, Conversions, and Sales

If You Need Compliant, High-Converting Copy to Grow and Scale Your Business… Then Keep Reading to Discover How I Can Help.

I’m Roman Alvarado, a direct response copywriter for alternative health companies including New Market Health, The Sears Institute, Natural Health Sherpa, and more.

Companies hire me to deliver compliant, high-converting copy, such as:

  • Long-form sales letters and VSLs

  • Advertorials – print and web

  • Upsell pages

  • Emails

  • YouTube ads

  • Facebook ads

  • Case studies

  • Blog articles

  • Newsletters

  • E-books

  • Web copy Including home pages, about pages, and landing pages

  • And much more!

Before copywriting, I worked as a Systems Engineer at multinational corporations, including DHL Express, Western Bakeries, and Shoppers Drug Mart…

Where I honed the analytical methods I use to deliver results-oriented copy.

As David Ogilvy once said of John Caples: He has no theories; only facts.

I too strive to use a pragmatic approach when it comes to writing copy for your business.

When you hire me as your copywriter, I take a scientific approach to advertising…

Depending on the project, writing copy that sells leaves a trail of highly valuable research artifacts you can use for future sales efforts. I often include:

  • A Customer Avatar Sheet detailing pain points, desires, and stories in the language of your target market.

  • A 19-point discovery checklist you can use to improve your messaging, your product creation story, and your offer.

  • Logical and emotional mapping guides you can reference to write emails, advertorials, and short-form ads faster and with more precision.

  • Multiple hooks, headlines, and lead ideas to test different angles during launch.

  • Summarized root cause, mechanism, and 3-phase benefit list your sales team can use to convert more customers, setting you up for long-term success, and ramping up your leads, conversions, and sales for years to come.

“800% increase in sales in a matter of months.”

Roman does the research needed to come up with the best angles and puts his all into writing convincing copy that closes the sale. His results speak for themselves. Roman’s reworking of one of my product sales pages led to a more than 800% increase in sales in a matter of months. I can’t recommend Roman highly enough as a copywriter who does the work and knows how to get stellar results for his clients.

— Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter

I currently work on retainer with a select few clients.

And I do take on the occasional one-time project.

If you have a copywriting project you need help with. Don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’re ready to move forward, click here.

Are We a Good Fit?

Are you a seasoned Copy Chief looking for a driven and passionate health copywriter to join your A-list team?

Are you a Marketing Manager at a fast-growing company with a lot of copy needs and no in-house copywriter to meet them?

Or are you a Health Coach who wants copy that sells without sounding ‘salesy’?

If you answered “YES”… then there’s a good chance I can help you.

Here are some of the results I have achieved for my past clients.

  • 800% increase in sales for a copywriting course sales page

  • 23% upsell take rate for coaching program priced at $1,997

  • $465,300 in sales from a 30-day keto challenge launch

  • 2nd highest for all-time revenue from an email

  • 7,540 new subscribers from a long-form advertorial

Now, you might be thinking…

“Those results are great, Roman, but are you easy to work with?”

“Can I trust you to deliver the kind of copy that works for MY business?”

“And most importantly, do you deliver on time?”

All great questions.

It all starts with…

The One Critical Question You Should Ask Every Copywriter Before You Hire Them

“What is your copy process?”

A copy process ensures you receive the best copy possible. On-time. And in the unique voice of your brand.

In fact, if you’ve been burned by a copywriter in the past…

Chances are, they didn’t have a copy process.

Here’s what my process looks like for a long-form sales page:

Roman Alvarado’s Copy flowchart for a long-form sales page
  1. After our kick-off call, I’ll send you a Project Requirements document detailing what we discussed, including the project scope, deliverables, and projected timeline. Once we’re in agreement, we move on to the research phase.

  2. During the research phase, I dig DEEP to learn more about your product, your prospect, and your competition. Rabbit holes are fine, so long as you get out. That’s why I send you a detailed Creative Brief at the end of this phase that outlines the KEY elements I’ve discovered, including:

    • Audience pain points and biggest fears
    • Existing solutions your audience is aware of
    • Root cause of pain
    • Product fascinations
    • Product creation story
    • Headlines
    • Ideas for potential upsells
  3. After the Creative Brief, I send you a Copy Outline. This outline contains the actual copy you can expect to see in the final draft. It may include headlines, subheadlines, fleshed-out stories, bullets, and other copy elements throughout. That way, you get a feel for the voice and tone of the copy.
  4. Finally, you’ll receive a research-cited, professionally-edited Sales Letter.

If at any point you have questions, concerns, or new ideas…

No problem. We can hop on Skype or Zoom to discuss.

I’m OK with red-ink on my copy.

I won’t pout or stamp my feet if you ask me to re-write something.

And I will provide constructive feedback when I think there’s a better way to do something.

My #1 priority is to deliver high-converting copy that resonates with YOUR audience.

And to do that…

I believe in the words of Eugene Schwartz, one of the greatest copywriters and marketing minds to ever live, when he said: “Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.”

And that means working together to assemble the best copy possible.

“He deeply cares about his work.”

Roman was one of the most talented, creative, and driven out of the group of writers I hand-selected to mentor. He deeply cares about his work. And I think he has a great shot at becoming an “A-List” copywriter.

What is great and different about Roman is his ability to take feedback, run with it, and use it to make his sales material even better. I imagine, for a client, this is important as well. While you don’t want to micro-manage your copywriter, you want to be able to provide them direction. In my experience, finding a copywriter who can take feedback as well as Roman is next-to-impossible. Most copywriters run with their own ideas. It may sound like a small thing, but I believe it is a critical piece of success that will help vault him to the next level. I would recommend Roman’s services in a heartbeat. I think anyone who hires him at this stage of his career, at his current rates, is getting a steal.

— Fran Rengel, A-List Copywriter

A Ph.D. in Direct Response Marketing

I’m a part of high-level masterminds and constantly re-invest into elite copywriting training programs.

I’ve mentored under A-list copywriters and the greatest marketing minds in the industry, including Kim Krause Schwalm, Fran Rengel, Russ Reynolds, Kevin Rogers, Rachel Mazza, Scott Martin, Stefan Georgi, and Justin Goff.

And I am constantly sharpening my skills to keep YOU on the cutting edge of direct response marketing strategies.

You deserve someone in your corner who is as passionate about your business as you are.

So you can rest assured…

I am 100% dedicated to delivering A-list level copy for your business.

Hire me to CONVERT the traffic you’re generating into a client, customer, or qualified lead.

The process is simple. Click here to contact me.

If you want to check out my portfolio, click here.

“He often brings different angles and ideas to the table.”

I really appreciate working with Roman. He has a fresh perspective and often brings different angles and ideas to the table I would’ve never thought of. He’s always on time, writes clean copy, and asks insightful questions that keep projects on track. I would definitely recommend him – and I look forward to working with him again! 

— Rae Robinson, Copy Chief, Natural Health Sherpa

Core Values and How I Work. I Am TOTALLY Devoted to Your Success.

ONE. My goal is to help you sell more in YOUR unique voice. That means staying authentic to your brand, connecting to your customer, and showcasing your product or service in the best possible light. That’s how we increase sales and grow your business.

TWO. I believe in Truth in Advertising. That means digging deeper to find authentic customer needs, unique product appeal, and irresistible offers.

THREE. Data first. Opinions second. I base my work on what’s worked. I have no theories, only facts. That also means interpreting data and making adjustments if the copy doesn’t work right away.

FOUR. The devil is in the details. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into world-class training. If I see opportunities outside my scope of work, I won’t look the other way. You will know. My goal is to help you excel, period.

FIVE. Never settle for mediocrity. I’m always learning, always improving my craft, always evolving my copy and marketing strategy with the modern times.

SIX. My fee structure is sensible and based on helping you achieve your goals and providing a stunning ROI.

Want proof my copy works?

Recently, I helped Health and Wellness Coach, Steffani LeFevour sell her $2,000 coaching program LIVE at a virtual event.

I helped Steffani craft a killer offer, re-structure her sales presentation, and implement persuasive direct response principles in HER unique voice.

The results were incredible. After her 1-hour pitch, she SOLD OUT her coaching program and ended up with 52 spots filled out of 50.

“We had incredible results. Over 20% buy in to the offer.”

Demand was so high… Steffani decided to open a new group… and asked me to help her sell the additional 23 spots to her list. With 7 days remaining, I crafted a 5-part email sales sequence, with 3 cart close emails to ramp up the urgency.

The result: Steffani SOLD OUT the remaining 23 spots, adding $46,000 in revenue to an already successful campaign.

Do you have a copy project you need help with? Have any questions?

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