Siobhan James

Course Sales Page Specialist

I write, design and build high-converting sales pages for online course creators

Because the smartest 1% of course creators realize there’s a better way than fill-in-the-blank templates, and a more efficient way than adding “become a pro copywriter or designer” to their to-do list.

(P.S. It’s pronounced “Shiv-awn”!)

Fed up of trying to guess your way to a killer sales page?

Say goodbye to that blank stare. The one you give your DIY sales page every time you open up the editor to try and fix your copy… or your design… or your structure… or maybe it’s that specific subheading driving people away?

(Narrator: It was not the subheading.)

Say goodbye to the “maybe if I just put this here I’ll finally get the sales I want” guesswork.

Say HELLO to a completely done-for-you, conversion-optimized, traffic-ready sales page.

“Just add traffic”

You get an expert-level sales page… and you get to waltz right back in like you own the joint. Because… well, you do own the joint. You own that brand new sexy sales page and you #dontcarewhoknowsit.

[1] Conversion copywriting principles proven to sell

That’s data-driven, research-backed copy that uses techniques proven to “get the yes”. No more “hit and hope” messaging, educated guesses, or bounce-inducing copy that inadvertently repels the very students you wanted to entice.

[2] Premium design—optimized for conversion and style

Time to lose that whole “it’s just a beta right now” vibe you’ve got going on. We’ll get you looking like the fancy-pants industry expert you really are. #becauseyoureworthit

[3] Fully-functional, ready for launch—just add traffic

No “end product as a Google Doc”. Do you want words in a Word Doc? Or do you want sales through your sales page? Yeah… I thought as much. So your end product is a launch-ready sales page, fully prepped to kick ass and take names… I mean sales.

If you’re an ambitious industry expert who knows their course deserves the best sales page… you’re in the right place…

…and I’d love to talk to you about your project!

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