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You spend time, money, and effort to generate demand. Make sure the copy you send out gets the job done.

Which of these sound most familiar to you?

  • “Our customers don’t know how our service works until after they’ve already bought it.”


  • “They know us, they want us, but they don’t purchase because there’s always a higher priority.


  • “These conversion numbers should be doing better than they are.”


Any—or all—of these resonate with you? That might mean you’re struggling to communicate the value of what you offer.

And you’re not alone. 

Seeing your offer through the eyes of your customer is hard.

Why? Because you know too much. 

You see this stuff every day. You know it inside out. It’s a part of you.

Even if you have the time to write about your product, there’s still a problem: You have ingrained shorthand, vocabulary, and background that you can’t help but use. 

So how do you get ‘selective amnesia’ to look at your service with fresh eyes — just like your customer does?

You could try bumping yourself on the noggin. No guarantee you’ll get the right kind of amnesia there.

But you can get outside help…

A conversion copywriter has the outside perspective and skills to:

✅ Reveal what’s best about your solution

Strip away the excess, simplify, and find what makes people come to you to solve their problem — not someone else.

✅ Speak to their pain points

What makes your customer’s stomach hurt just thinking about it? Meet ‘em where they’re at and they’ll trust that you ‘just get it’.

✅ Talk like a person, not a marketer

If your writing doesn’t sound like a real person, you’ve lost your credibility — and put up another barrier. Personal writing is effective writing.

✅ Build urgency to act now

Your prospects may agree with you that your product/service is great. But it’s never a priority right now. Show them there’s more to lose from inaction.


Conversion Copywriting for Growth Method

Conversion copywriting combines 

  • Direct Response persuasive copywriting, 
  • User Experience (UX) design, and  
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 

…into a 3-step process.

  1. Research, Discovery, & Strategy
  2. Writing, Wireframing, & Editing
  3. Testing & Validation



My Patreon site needed a serious overall, so I reached out to Michael.

He dug deep to understand my goals, perspective, and what value there with my services. That information was distilled into crisp, attention-getting copy for the site. 

it’s now dramatically better than before.


John Podlasek


Game Dev Advice 


Selected Clients





Marketing and Analytics


The Outcome Relations Agency

Dumb Blonde Data


Game Dev  Advice

Airdrop Gaming



Conversion Copywriter — by way of Disney video game animator

Hi, I’m Michael Antonicelli.

Through a zig-zag route of a career, I’ve gained a combo of left-brain and right-brain thinking. 

Which means you’ll get a unique perspective that ties the analytical and creative together — for revenue-scaling growth.

See why Mom always said I should be a lawyer>>>

Michael at a Glance

  • Former Disney Interactive animator
  • Trained by Copyhackers 
  • Chicago-based, Central Time Zone
  • Over a decade consulting clients independently






“Michael has a knack for reaching the goal of the project.

(He was) inquisitive about our business. He tailored our message to meet the needs of our audience. No feedback seemed to catch him off guard.”




Heather MacNeill

Marketing Director

Vixxo Facilities Management 



There’s no one-size-fits all for your unique challenge. That’s why you can choose from three available service types:

1. Custom Copy Projects are in-depth projects designed to hit your KPI using the 3-step conversion copywriting method.

2. Copywriting Solutions are specific, pre-purchased projects that can deliver quick on a problem you may have.

3. Analysis and Consultations give you the insight and know-how to fix what’s not working (and keep what is).


1. Custom Copy Projects 

Copywriting and strategy 

designed to hit your KPI.


Most Popular Project Types:

  • Crystal-Clear Website Copy. Showing who you are, what you do, and your value with clarity.
  • Funnel Creation. Get everything handled — from the ads to the landing page to emails — for more leads/purchases. 

Also popular:

  • Landing Page 
  • Lead Magnet/Opt-In Bait
  • Sales Deck 
  • Case Study w/ interview



The most impressive aspect of Michael’s services is his attention to detail while figuring out what his clients need.

He asks the appropriate questions to make his copywriting truly pop. He’s figuring out how to turn what I’m telling him about my needs and my messaging into a clearer, prettier message.

He’s worth every penny…


Satnaam “Sam” Mago


By Freight Logistics


2. Copywriting Solutions

Off-the-shelf copy solutions

 you can buy this minute

No proposals. No invoices. No waiting.




Grab me for a full day and make serious progress on what you’ve been putting off.

  • Fix your value proposition and develop a marketing funnel strategy; or
  • Patch up your leaky funnel; or
  • Whatever you have that needs some conversion-boosting love!

 Link to more details here>>>




3-Days-To-Leads Launch Promotion

A complete, done-for-you funnel to promote your lead magnet. Ready to publish in 3 business days.

This the exact process I used for my clients to target billion-dollar revenue brands like USAA, Crate & Barrel, & Michael Kors.

 Link to more details here>>>




Messaging Recommendations Report

Get the best message to use for every stage of awareness.

You’ll know how you should meet your customer where they’re at — and what to say when you get there. 

Even better? You can bring this report directly to your team as a repeatable messaging document. Useful for marketing guidelines and even employee onboarding.

 Samples available by request (under NDA)



3. Analysis and Consultations

A cost-effective game plan

to increase your conversions


Copy Analysis

The analysis offers you a structured review of your published or draft copy.

I’ll go through what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to improve.

It’s a cost-effective way to get an actionable game plan. Plus you’ll be able to sample my services at a lower rate than writing from scratch.

With each analysis you’ll get:

  • A recorded video as I go through your site (45-60 minutes)
  • Actionable copy and strategy suggestions
  • Transcript
  • Follow-up call
More details here>>>

1-on-1 Copy Consultation

Book a live 1-hour copy consult with me to get all your copy questions answered.

Here’s what some 1-on-1 copy clients got from our consult:

  • Nailed down a better unique selling proposition
  • Walked through a landing page improvement
  • Competitor audit and idea generation 
  • Strategized an asset for the target demographic

 Book copywriting guidance here>>>




I’ve engaged with Michael to support copy needs at two different companies now and I can’t sing his praises enough.

He’s one of the few contractors I trust to work with clients directly — he always goes above and beyond.

I’m consistently impressed with how concisely he conveys complicated ideas.”

    Valerie Leary

VP Marketing

North 6 Agency, Inc (N6A)


Show your value with better copy


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Q When can you get started?

I’m booked up to a couple weeks in advance. Rush is available. Get in touch soon to get on my calendar!

Q What results should I expect?

I work hard to deliver the copy that hits the mark. But I can’t guarantee specific results. There’s a lot that’s outside of my control (and yours, eg. the most recent economic downturn).