Get Your Sales Funnel Flowing!

My name’s Jacob and I help Solopreneurs and Startups launch new offers with bulletproof funnels that scale fast.

I’m a sales junkie turned direct response copywriter and I’m obsessed with helping solopreneurs and startup founders find more freedom in their lives.

And after countless hours slaving away on email campaigns and making thousands of dials—all to build the perfect message and get more business in the door—I realized something…

All the strategies that:

  • Skyrocketed a CPG underdog to multiple 7 figures per year

  • Sold $400k+ worth of contracts to a brand spanking new market (in less than 9 months)

  • Closed deals with top executives at Boeing, the MLB, Bank of America and more

Could help growing other founders build their own offers into 6 and 7 figure powerhouses in no time.

So now, I’m helping startups and solopreneurs launch new offers (and revamp existing ones) with bulletproof funnels that scale fast.

Besides all the technical stuff…

  • I’ve got a 2.5 yr old running my house
  • I love dark coffee, cold beer, and cooking BOMB food
  • I’ll be traveling the US and living out of an RV with a family of three in just a few months

So, if you’re looking for help launching your next offer or turning a tried and true best-seller into an even greater moneymaking machine—check out my website so we can find time to talk. 


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