Yongi Barnard

👉 Web copy + product messaging that resonates with your ideal customers

Get Clear and Compelling Copy That

🔥 knocks down customer objections

🔥 builds trust

🔥 promotes brand connection 

            all without manipulation or sleaze

If you sell a great product,
yet website visitors bounce off the page as quickly as they arrive…

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a new website design,
but it’s not converting as well as you expected it to…

If you know you’re So.Much.Better than others in your niche.,
and yet, you keep losing sales to the competition…

I can help.

I write copy.

But my real job is getting out of my skin and into your customers’ heads. I’ll become privy to your target audience’s needs and motivations. So that I find the right words and messages to move them to engage with you.

Turn Data & Research into Conversion-optimized Copy that Resonates with your Ideal Customers 

✅ So that they are clear on your value
✅ Understand why you’re the logical choice and
✅ Buy your product without any hesitation

This is the process I follow to write copy that makes your ideal customers feel seen, heard and understood. 

1. Discovery & goal setting

I dig deep into your business goals. I’ll find out what you want to achieve with the copy and where it fits in your growth plan.

2.  Customer & competitor research

Using surveys, interviews and user testing, I’ll lay the groundwork for customer research. I’ll put myself in their shoes as they talk about their needs, wants and frustrations. 

I’ll also do a competitive analysis of the other players in your industry. So I can figure out the best way to differentiate your product in the marketplace

3. Writing & wireframing

Based on research and data gathered in step 2, I’ll write copy that resonates with your target customers so it’s a no-brainer for them to take action. 

I’ll also wireframe the copy for optimal user experience

Work With a Copywriter who Sees the Big Picture in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Trained in conversion copywriting

I’ve learned how to write copy that converts with the original conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe. I’ve done the work on writing

     💎 copy for websites
     💎 landing pages
     💎 emails
     💎 sales pages

What this means for you:

The copy that ends up on your site won’t come from mindless guessing. It will be the result of a well-thought-out process to make your product stand out from the competition. So that you have an easier time turning your visitors into leads. And your leads into paying customers.

10+ years internet marketing experience

Built my first website in 1999. Sold a website in 2006. Have built more than 10 affiliate sites. Hands-on experience in:

     💎 writing for the web
     💎 Google Analytics
     💎 building WordPress sites
     💎 keyword research
     💎 SEO

What this means for you:

I speak your language. Whether I’m talking with your product development team or your marketing and sales team, we’ll be working on the same wavelength. This makes it easier for us to achieve our common goal: to boost your growth.

Hands-on experience writing for a CRO agency

Working with a CRO agency has given me hands-on experience of various writing projects in varied niches. These include

     💎 case studies
     💎 thought leadership articles
     💎 landing pages
     💎 headlines and call-to-action text variations for a/b testing

What this means for you:

I can write different types of copy. I can also talk with your CRO team and not fall asleep while they’re talking about statistical significance.

Your Copywriter Doesn’t *Just* Write Copy
She’s Your Partner in Growth

Your life-changing product is not going to sell itself.

Your customers have to see its value first before they show even a sliver of interest.

That’s your copy’s job.

It’s time you get it to do just that.

Here are the different ways I can help you:

        ✅ Landing page: starting from €998
        ✅ Long-form sales page: starting from €1,498
        ✅ Full website rewrite: home page, about page, 2 service or product pages €3,998
        ✅ Brand messaging strategy: €3,698

Get Clear and Compelling Copy
That Boosts Trust and Amplifies Your Message

So you reach your growth goals in record time

Click below to answer a few questions (takes 2 minutes max). 
So I’ll have a clearer idea of your growth needs.

I Want Clear & Compelling Messaging>>>
that my ideal clients understand and love


Q When can you get started?

This depends on the nature of the project. I'm usually booked up to a couple of weeks in advance. I can sometimes do rush jobs depending on my schedule and for an additional fee. Get in touch to get on my calendar ASAP.

Q Do you guarantee an increase in conversions?

I write copy that's backed by data and optimized for conversions. However, I can't guarantee results as there are other factors at play that are outside of my control in conversion rate optimization.

Q Do you charge for rewrites?

All copy work comes with rewrites within 14-days from the delivery of the copy.