Anna Bradshaw Copywriting

Personality-driven copywriting that converts

Selling physical products online? Then I’d love to help you sell more with conversion copy.

I specialize in working with ecommerce brands, creating:

  • Website copy that’s packed with brand flavor
  • Email sequences that get opens, clicks, and conversions
  • Messaging guides that help you tell your story *and* engage customers

Straightforward packages and one-day projects available to fit your timeline, and more importantly, build toward your sales goals. 

Get in touch today – I’d love to discuss the right solutions for your business needs.


Q What is your turnaround time?

It varies - in certain seasons there's a bit of a wait. But the beauty of VIP Day projects is getting ready-to-share copy much more quickly than with a traditional copywriting project.

Q Do you charge an hourly rate?

All prices are project based. In-depth custom projects vary in scope, while VIP Days give you both an easy flat rate, and a set timeframe.

Q Can you help us develop our brand story?

Yes! In fact, having your key messages established is key for creating cohesive messaging across your brand's platforms.