Sell effortlessly. Turn subscribers into clients. Impact lives.


When you consistently bring true value to your audience’s life… the not-so-magical thing happens:

–> They want to hear from you (Fact: According to Statista 49% (2017) of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands weekly.)

–> They want to buy from you.

Hi! I’m Ewa and I help online educators and mission-driven, fun brands build their communities of fans, sell effortlessly to the right people, and turn subscribers into clients through conversion-focused copy and email strategy. 

My motto: send better emails with mucho love and add a spark to the relationship with your audience.


Here’s what my client has to say: 

“It has been a true pleasure to work with Ewa! 

Her expertise has brought spice and a very special touch to our copywriting projects. Her straightforward communication and extra efforts to understand and convey the mission of our business and speak to the needs of our customers have made her an invaluable member of our team. I highly recommend Ewa Gabara’s services to anyone looking for someone eager to go the extra mile to bring your copywriting to the next level.”

Bernd Ogrodnik, Exec. Prod. Worlds of Puppets


Let me help you with your:

  1. Email marketing strategy
  2. Sales pages
  3. Webinar copy
  4. Evergreen funnel copy


Why should you work with me?


My dream client idea went out the window. I’d rather be YOUR dream copywriter. 

Your go-to person for email marketing, and strategic launch copy (without marketing BS.)

Coming from the hospitality industry my customer service is top-notch. So you always know at what stage copy creation is and what direction it takes. You’ll feel bliss working with me.

I’m here to help you turn your purpose and WHY into vibrant messages that land in your audience’s hearts. Strategic messages that are exactly what they need to hear to buy your offer.  

Get a strategic copy and emails that they can’t wait to see in their inboxes — all using a process based on human decision-making studies. So you can sell effortlessly, change people’s lives and focus on activities that nurture your soul.