Linda Melone

Words that work for your business

I create high-converting copy that captures the YES! 

I do this by creating a solid foundation based on a proprietary mix of research, analytics and interviews. I deep dive into your customers’ world to dredge up…

… their words 

… their voice 

… and what keeps them awake, staring at the ceiling at 2 a.m.

I use it all to write copy that resonates with your ideal audience.

By using their words, I help your reader realize your solution is the only one for them.

From emails to landing pages and website copy, your messaging and one big promise will be the tipping point to get them off the fence. 

In the words of a recent client:

You’ve summed up our business message in a way we haven’t been able to do in 2 years.

I’ve done it for others and I can do it for you…

➡️ A 30% boost in opt-ins for a lifestyle program CEO

➡️ A 100% boost in sign-ups for a coaching program (at the height of the pandemic)

➡️ A 100% increase in Facebook signups for a business coach’s webinar

My clients range from small businesses and entrepreneurs to multimillion-dollar companies – and everything in-between. 

If your conversions are less than stellar, let’s schedule a 15-minute call to see if I may be able to help. 


Q What if I just need a website review or series of emails?

No problem. I have several options on my website that would be a fit for you. See them under Work With Me.

Q Do you offer a guarantee?

If we work together all throughout my process, and you use my copy exactly as we agree upon, and A/B testing shows NO improvement over the old copy, I will write a second version at no charge.

Q How soon can I get started?

It depends on the size of the project. If it's a small project (email series or lead magnet), I can usually get to it quickly. Contact me to discuss specifics.