Linda Melone

Words that work for your business

In short, I create high-converting copy based on analytics and decision-making psychology.

In long, this means every word, turn of phrase and sound bite that ends up in your email, website page or sales page is the result of research, interviews and surveys. I also dig into your competitors’ sites and blogs. 

I unearth dust-covered intel that helps your readers realize your solution is the only one for them.

This means all the copy I write for you is based on something your ideal customer said or expressed. 

No guesswork. No theories…

… just their real life challenges in their own words. Followed by your solution to help them overcome whatever’s ailing them.

And BAM! You convert like gangbusters.

Whether your offer or product is new to the market or trending like a viral TikTok video, the copy I write for you will help you stand out over your competitors. 

I’ve done it for others and I can do it for you…

A registration page I wrote for a business coach helped double sign-ups… at the height of the pandemic. 

I also doubled Facebook signups through an ad I wrote for another business coach.

As for specialties, my fitness background makes me an easy fit for the fitness, health and personal development fields. But business coaches and small businesses have also benefited from my process. Whatever your field, it’s worth a chat.

So if my background sounds like a fit, let’s talk about how I can help you.


Q What if I just need a website review or series of emails?

No problem. I have several options on my website that would be a fit for you. See them under Work With Me.

Q Do you offer a guarantee?

If we work together all throughout my process, and you use my copy exactly as we agree upon, and A/B testing shows NO improvement over the old copy, I will write a second version at no charge.

Q How soon can I get started?

It depends on the size of the project. If it's a small project (email series or lead magnet), I can usually get to it quickly. Contact me to discuss specifics.