When it comes to the inbox, it’s you vs. everything else.

You’re competing with everything from brands like Patagonia to teacher’s notes to auto-generated renewal reminders to click-bait news headlines… the competition is fierce.

So, how do you stand out?

You write extraordinary emails.

You use storytelling, humor, and bite-sized nuggets of useful information — that your prospects actually want to read — to get noticed.

There are countless opportunities for you to connect with your audience in the inbox. To boost conversions and manifest more money in your bank account, make sure your customers experience your brand voice at every touchpoint — from when they first sign up for your list, to every time you engage with them.


Q What are the 20 emails every business needs?

First things first... a killer welcome sequence! It's your first opportunity to build connection, trust, and establish authority.

Other essential emails are launch emails, nurturing & retention emails, product or service promotion, featured product/service, and win-back emails.

For e-commerce businesses, cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and fulfillment emails are golden — order confirmation, before it ships, shipping updates, shipping notifications, shipment delivery.

Also consider emails for replenishment, out-of-stock/back-in-stock products, thank you emails, referral requests, surveys & feedback gathering emails.

Q Do you handle the tech side of emails?

Not in execution, but I use evaluation and data to drive the strategy — so I’m involved in the process. The day-to-day email implementation is better suited for your tech person or a VA. I’ll work closely with your designated specialist to ensure things run smoothly so you won’t have to play middle-person in the process.

Q What's your turnaround time for an email sequence?

It depends. I offer in-depth projects that include research, insights, and messaging recommendations as well as email copy — this takes 3-4 weeks.

For projects that have a quick turnaround date and clients that don't want the deeper research and insights reports, I offer a Copy Sprint — 48 hours to Email Gold.