Lindsay Hope Creative

eCommerce & SaaS Email Strategy & Copywriting

You, me, an inbox 
full of happy customers & 
a bank account full of profit

Your brand has a story.

Let’s share it. 

Stop spending money on ads. With an ROI of 4200%, email is so effective it’s a marketing & sales strategy you have to embrace.

(‘Cause let’s face it. Your competitors are doing it. And whoever hits the inbox with clear, benefits-driven emails at the right times with the right messaging is gonna get the sale.) 

Here’s the thing… standing out in a crowded inbox is haaard, yo! 

How do you stand out & get results?

You send extraordinary emails. 

Let’s use words as powerful as your purpose to convert a cold audience into Superfans of your brand. Fans who will buy from you over and over again AND convince all their friends that they can’t live without your products/service (double-win).

Your customers’ inboxes are so crowded you’ve got to stand out & WOW them to avoid the trash bin.

You’re too extraordinary to send average emails

I’ve worked with dozens of brands to nurture leads into customers, customers to buyers, and one-time buyers into loyal lifetime fans.

Using insanely openable subject lines, entertaining stories, and conversion copywriting principles to close the deal, I’ll build you an email strategy to escalate your conversions — and the copy to complete it.