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Expert Copy for Established Coach and Consultants

Client Acquisition Copy for Established Coaches and Consultants

“Paul gave us everything we needed to create an effective and profitable business, from consulting to strategy to copy execution.

We’ve already booked him for our next project! And if I were you, I wouldn’t wait too long to book him either. Because what he brings to the table is very rare indeed.”  

– Amy Posner, Business Coach and Marketing Consultant 

What I can do for you and your business

I work with individual coaches and consultants or small teams who sell their expertise or knowledge as a service or product. My focus is on client acquisition and/or converting your proprietary expertise into high-value assets. 

I can create all your major copy assets (emails, sales copy, websites, landing pages, ad copy, etc.) and create the strategy behind them (lead generation, sales funnels, etc.).

You have a choice of either full, strategic projects or smaller, copy-only work. I can advise on what’s best for you in our first meeting but you can learn more by simply requesting my information Pack (just email me at 

Turn your knowledge into new revenue streams

I can also help you create new revenue streams.

My pre-market background is in teaching and course design. That means I’m uniquely positioned as a copywriter and e-learning designer (MSc) to help you convert your expertise into profitable knowledge products such as books or courses. That’s also a powerful way to attract next-level clients and elevate your brand.

Your next step

A great way to learn more about what I can help you achieve is to request my Information Pack. 

Just email me at and I’ll send that to you.

“Working with Paul was like getting a blood transfusion for our organisation.

He was able to quickly work out what we needed, before injecting the right words, ideas and stories, all in the right order, so that our copy is cohesive, snappy and we are telling the real story of our brand.

It galvanised us to have better conversations as business leaders and to understand where our value lies.”

Laura McInerney, CEO & Co-Founder of Teacher Tapp/ Education Columnist for The Guardian, UK


Q Do you have an Information Pack?

Yes, and it answers most new client questions. Just email me at and I'll send you a copy.

Q What copy do you write?

I write most types of conversion copy. That's copy that attracts high-quality leads and then converts them into your best-fit clients. For you, that might mean your web copy, landing pages, ads, emails, or whatever is needed to get you your best possible clients.