Melrose Copy

Copy & strategy that drives sustained growth for your business

“Your revenue depends 100% on the decisions your customers make.

If you are online, then those decisions depend 100% on your copy.”

Apple knows it. Disney knows it. Oprah knows it. And they hire Conversion Copywriters to get their results.

Conversion Copy is…

  • copy that converts your visitors to highly-qualified leads
  • copy that creates your perfect-fit customers
  • copy that lowers your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
  • copy that lifts your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

I’m Paul Melrose and I’m a Full-Process Conversion Copywriter. I use detailed customer-insight research and persuasion psychology to help you grow through lead generation, increased sales and client acquisition. 

“What blew me away is Paul’s deep understanding of the strategy behind the copy. He truly understands the business growth process.”

– Amy Posner (Serial Entrepreneur & A-List Copy Coach)

Full Conversion-Copywriting process + the strategy that transforms your copy into a 24/7/365, relentless, automated lead-generation and sales machine. 

  • webcopy
  • sale and landing pages
  • emails
  • funnels

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