Nicola Moors – launch copywriter and brand voice strategist

What do you get when you cross my crumb-covered MacBook Pro with your funnel?

Copy that’s spicier than Fireball whisky, makes your audience wonder if you’ve been speaking to their therapist (and sounds like you!)…

Seriously, I write conversion copy that sticks two fingers up to the templated sales pages and emails you’ll probably find in your inbox.

I’m always dropping the C word… and I can’t wait to get my hands on your copy.

My clients have smashed multi-six figure launches using my storytelling and strategy meshed with copy.

But I’ll let them tell you…

“Working with Nicola was SO awesome. She did so much research and digging through our course, interviewed previous buyers and those who didn’t end up buying and provided so much incredible detail in the process that we were able to DOUBLE our sales goal for the launch and make $246,000! If you want someone to help you go the extra mile, Nicola’s your girl!”  – Jenna Rainey

Nicola is my secret weapon and has shaved WEEKS of time off the process of creating copy. She’s the first copywriter I have ever had no edits or suggestions on how to tweak the copy. 

The way she phrases everything sounds exactly like me (but better) and it’s been a game-changer. Working with Nicola is invaluable; it’s exactly what we needed and wanted.” –Haley Burkhead, founder of Recurring Profit 

“Nic is the type of in-depth researcher, copywriter, and former journalist who asks the right questions, digs deep into a story, and can persuade a buyer to take action. That’s why I hired her to work on one of my biggest launches recently. And she totally delivered. 

Not only did Nic provide excellent service (aka she didn’t disappear in her copy cave), she wrote a personalized story that captured my brand voice perfectly. With Nic on our team we were able to have our most successful membership launch, to date. Hire Nic. You’ll thank me later.” – Kira Hug, co-founder of The Copywriter Club 

As well as writing copy for high-converting launches, I am able to slip into the leopard-prints Vans of my clients and sound just like them so your audience will never know you’ve outsourced.

Your copy should never be based on guesswork, that’s why I’m diligent with my research so I know the exact messaging your audience needs to hear.

Interested? Reach out to me and let’s chat!