Pinwheel Translations, LLC

I translate business ideas into impactful copy

I help SaaS B2B startups get more customers with converting website copy and lead-gen funnels by:

  • aligning messaging with customers’ pain points and desires
  • getting the most out of customer stories to convert prospects looking for proof of ROI
  • developing lead magnets and email sequences to nurture prospects and turn them into customers

“Our email marketing was basic and we needed to improve our depth of content and segmentation. Ekaterina was able to help with both. … She is a professional and a strategic thinker that offers up new ideas and perspectives. After working with Ekaterina, we started changing our format, our segmentation, have more depth to emails, and better content.”
Keith Washo, co-founder/director of Startup Summit 

Below are some examples of how I’ve helped my clients in the past

Sales page and sales sequences for 2 tracks of an online training program: 70% conversion rate for a launch sequence targeting warm leads, with 42.3% average open rate and 21.2% average click rate.

Lead magnet nurturing sequence and sales sequence for an accelerator program for mission-driven founders: average open rate of 55% and average click rate of 14% for a sales sequence with a 25% conversion rate.

Get in touch to discuss your project today


Q I need copy help yesterday. Can we work together (now)?

Yes. Every month I offer a limited number of day rate slots.

The day slots are the way to go if you need feedback on your existing copy, want to brush up your landing page or an email sequence before launching them, or want to talk strategy.

Get in touch to see if I have any day rate slots open this week.

Q I want to make sure my website or my email sequence are set up to convert. Can you help with that?

Yes! If you ask yourself: "Are there any obvious gaps I can’t see because I’ve been staring at the copy for so long?" or "Is there a way to boost conversions for my emails, or get a higher open rate?" -- I can help you figure this out with an audit.

Reach out to find out more about website and email copy audits

Q How long does a copy project take on average?

As a rule, custom projects take 3 month on average (not including such projects as case studies or copy audits) and start at $2,500. If you're looking for a faster turnaround, I might be able to help if I have day rate slots available.

Q What do you need to know to give me a quote?

Before I'm able to give you a quote for a custom project, I'll need to find out more about your goals, your KPIs, your product, and your audience. Ideally, I'll also be able to take a peek at any recent research results you already have.

If you don't like going back and forth via email (right there with you on that one), the best way to cut to the chase is to send over a brief description of your project and your goals, and share your ideal timeline and ballpark budget.

If it looks like we're a good fit, I'll respond with some possible time slots to set up our call.